NAO Communication Server
The NAO Communication server will get redesigned until end of summer 2014
For more details fiew NAO Com II

NAO Communication Server Project

The NAO communication server is a combination of two projects to control a NAO remotely via an android application.
It bases on a Python server, started on the NAO and an Java android app, that sends command to the server. The server can execute several commands on the NAO.

Communication Server

The NAO Communication Server is s python based server, that is executed on the NAO and recieves command from the NAO Com application.
The Server stores several modules, one for each command, and executes that module if it recieves the command specified in the module.
It can also send data to the ALMemory-Systemof the NAO to start individual Choregraphe programs.

Android App NAO Com

The NAO Com android app sends data to a NAO Communication Server.
It can connect to a list of known devices inside the current network or to a manual entered IP.
Than it offers several option like let NAO speak a text or walk or dance.


  • Speech (speechrate, - modulation, -volume, custom text)
  • change language
  • walking (x-axis, y-axis, rotation, step ferquency, stop walk)
  • Hallo (animation)
  • Wipe Forehead (animation)
  • Stand up
  • Sit down
  • Shake Hands (animation)
  • Red Ball Tracker
  • Thai Chi Chuan (animation)
  • Gangnam Style (animation)
  • Evolution of Dance (animation)
  • Caravan Palace (animation)
  • Vangelis Dance (animation)
  • Eye of the Tiger (animation)
  • LED animations (Happy, Angry, Laugh, Cautious, Thinking, Mischievous, Disco, Blink, Circly Eyes, Flash)


  • Start hotspot for NAO
  • Selection of kown network devices
  • Connection to specific IP
  • Showing NAOs name and battery level



Download the Android app from Google Play store:
Download the installtion guide: install_guide.pdf
Download the Communication Server: naocom-server.tar.gz
Download the Choregraphe: naocom.crg


You can also checkout the corrresponding git projects.
Please take care, that these are sometimes nightly builds and can cause erros!

NAO Communication Server

Extract the NAO Communications Server package and upload it to your NAO via ftp or ssh.
Put it into the naos home folder, for example into /home/nao/naocom/
Edit the file autoload.ini for example via ssh terminal:

nano /home/nao/naoqi/preferences/autoload.ini

Add the following line to section [python]:


Where /home/nao/naocom/ is the folder you put your communication server into.
This will load the communication server everytime naoqi starts.

You can also use your favorite fto-client to download, edit and upload the autoload.ini.


Some commands are loading sounds from NAOs flash drive.
So you should extract the sounds to /home/nao/sounds/.

You can use your favorite ftp client to do this.

NAO Com Choregraphe file

Use your Choregraphe to upload the naocom.crg file your NAO.
Set it as default inside the Behaviour manager.
If your Behaviour manager isn't visible, open it with View > Behaviour manager

NAO Com App

If you visit the Google Play Store an search for NAO Com and install the app there is nothing more to do.

If you want to compile the app from repository, export it using Android SDK Tools.
Maybe you need to set some development settings on you device if you use the app this way.


Take a look at the following articles to find out more details about how to use the NAO Communication project.

Add your own Commands

There are two ways to add a new command to NAO Communication Server and NAO Com app.
You can add your command as python code or as a Choregraphe program, wich is much simplier and also allows complex animations or behaviours.

Detailed infstructions for both methods are coming soon.

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