NAO Communication Server Manual

NAO Communication Server Manual

This article describes how to use the python NAO Communication Server.
For install instrcutions see NACO Communication Server Project

Start the server

You can start the server manually to check if it works correctly.
This is very helpful for debugging your own commands, added to the server.

First you need to login to your NAO via ssh. Than stop the running communication server. For that you have to find out the process id with:

ps -e | grep commu

This should get something like the following:
 3119 ?        00:00:00 communication_s <defunct>

Now you have to kill the process with the mentioned id (here: 3119):
kill 3119

Now you can go into the folder you put your communication server into.
Than start the server via:



The server checks every 5 seconds for new network devices and adds a seperate socket to every device ip adress. So you can access the server via WLAN or ethernet. If the device has no connection anymore the socket ist closed and removed.
The server uses the NAOs speech module to inform you about each start of a socket (one for each network device) and if a socket is closed.
It also prints the recieved data on the screen.

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