NAO Communicator
The NAO Communication app will get redesigned until end of summer 2014
For more details fiew NAO Com II

NAO Communication App Manual

This article show how to use the NAO Com Android App.
To get information about installing the app see: NAO Communication Server

Prepare your NAO

This needs the NAO Communication Server installed on your NAO and started.

Start the NAO Com app and enter hotspot information into the first two fields.
Than click on the button under the network password field to start the hotspot.

Now connect your NAO to your new hotspot using the webinterface of the NAO.
Don't panic if the NAO couldn't find the hotspot quickly. Maybe you have to start a few scans before it show up in the network list.

After you connected your NAO to your hotspot (it is recommended to let the NAO save the configuration) you can connect your app to your hotspot.


Before you connect to your NAO, be sure the communication server started. Normally the NAO starts his NAOqi and than starts the communication server. The server informas you about it's state via NAOs speech module.

After the server startedyou can connect the NAO Com app with your NAO. To do so, select your NAO from the list of network devices. If your NAO is not in the list or you don't know it's IP, tap the chest button to let NAO tell you it's name and IP.

You can enter NAOs IP manually inside the field under the list of network devices.
Do so and tap on connect.

Now the app switches to control screen. On the top you see information about the connection status and battery level. If the apps status is offline and the communication server didn't informed you about a new connected app, you have to go back and try again.



If you are connected to your NAO, tap on a section to see the controls behind it.

Speechmunication App Usage

Inside the speech section you can enter a text into a text field to let NAO speak it. Use punction marks like . ! ? to complete a sentence. The app sends the sentence automatically to your NAO. You can also your a double whitespace to let the app send the sentence inside the text field to your NAO. Use the seekbars to modify speechrate, -modulation or the volumeof the NAOs speakers.


the walk section uses the velocity walk of the NAO. You can edit the fractions of steps into x (forward, backward) and y direction (left, right) and rotation (clockwise, counter-clockwise). You can also modify the step frequency. If you want to stop your NAOs walk. Tap on the Stop NAO button.

Just try out this feature ver carefully, because to NAO needs a second to react to a change of the parameters.The best is to try the handling of the walk on a empty floor.

Simple Functions

This section contains a few simple functions.
Here you can change the language of your NAO from a dropdown menu.

If you want NAO to shake somebodys hands tap on // Shake Hands, let someone take NAOs hand and tap on //Shake Hands again to shake it. O you can let NAO stand up or sit down or enable the Red Ball Tracker to let NAO follow a red ball.


Dances contains a collection of different animations. Your NAO has to stand on a even ground. Carpets are causing the NAO to fall during animation. Try the different animation very carfully, because sometimes your NAO can fall!


The last section contains a set of different led animations.
You can tap on a led animation many times to repeat the animation. The command is first repeated if the execution of the command has stopped.



  • Sometimes a command isn't send correctly, because the app and the communication server using udp connections. If that happens, try to send the command again.'
  • You can send a command aftern another. The NAO will try to execute both commands. But be careful not to start two animations, because that can demage your NAO. But animation and speech is possible for example.
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