The aim of this projects is to redesign the NAO Communication Server and NAO Communication App to get more user-friendly and more integrateable into daily life.
For that the server gets a new communication interface and the app a completly new design and additional functionality. The projects ends at end of summer 2014 (if there'll be any summer).


NAO Com Server

The NAO Com server manages the connection with the android application and the NAOqi, Choregraphe programs and python scripts.
The server includes several basic function like speach, simple animations, walk controls, …. More complex behaviours could be manged though choregraphe programs or python scripts that can get activated through the android app.

NAO Com Android App

The smartphone application for android systems enables acces to the NAO Com server thorugh an easy to use graphical user interface. It can install and update the whole NAO Com system so that no complicated software installation is needed. The app offers access to the functions implemented in the server and offer the possibility to define new commands by running own Choregraphe programs or python scripts. It also includes a simple programming interface to develop new simple programs using the smartphone.


Get involved

Currently we're collectiong thoughts and needs for the android app and the server functionality. So feel free to send us you thourghts to ed.srats-nrehtron|liam#ed.srats-nrehtron|liam
You can also help developing the system. We set up github projects for the projects. Information about that will be published soon.


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